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Quick Delegate Update

I’m running way late today, so just the basics. Obama gets 3 superdelegates, Clinton gets 2.

Updated stats:

Delegate count is: Obama 1981, Clinton 1782, Edwards 7

In percent terms that is: Obama 52.5%, Clinton 47.3%, Edwards 0.2%

2026 delegates are needed to win.

There are 280 delegates yet to be determined.

Obama needs 45 more delegates to win.

Clinton needs 242 more delegates to win.

In percentage terms, that means:

Obama needs 16.1% of the remaining delegates to win. (It was 28.3% before KY/OR.)

Clinton needs 87.1% of the remaining delegates to win. (It was 74.4% before KY/OR.)

This is of course as of today’s rules, which are expected to change after Saturday’s RBC meeting.

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