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For the Record on FL/MI

My personal opinion is that seating Michigan or Florida *at all* is just stupid and wrong. You just don’t change the rules in the middle of the game. That is wrong and disturbing. EVEN if it is constructed in a way that it won’t make any difference.

But if they ARE going to do something, then just seating both delegations, but at half a vote per delegate rather than a full vote, seems like a reasonable compromise. It looks like that will happen with Florida. As I write this, Michigan is still up in the air. But some of the proposals to just spit it 50/50, or 69/59, or whatever… are all bullshit. If they are going to recognize the state at all, then it should be based on the election that happened, no matter how flawed. And the uncommitted delegates should be seated as uncommitted delegates (who can then make up their mind and pick someone before the convention).

It seems that is unlikely to happen too. There is even some talk about them “punting” the Michigan question to the credentials committee, which won’t meet for quite some time.

Hopefully we will know before too much longer.

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