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Time Machine Drive Full

I am using a 500GB Drive for my Time Machine drive, which is the same size as my main drive… rather than what is recommended, which is a Time Machine drive that is double the size of the drive you are backing up. I finally got Time Machine Successfully working on February 17th. My main drive has been between 80% and 90% full the entire time. Today for the first time, Time Machine reported that the backup drive was full and it had to delete the oldest backup (the one from February 17th). The oldest is now from February 24th.

A bit more than two months, even with just that little bit of free space. That isn’t too bad.

I still want to pick up a 1GB drive though. With the “double the main drive” recommendation, I could probably keep a full year or more of backups…

I also need to do something about that 90% full thing. That is a bit too high.

Hmmm, emptying the trash only got me to 85%. I was hoping for more. I’ll have to go looking for more things I am OK getting rid of this weekend or something.

7 comments to Time Machine Drive Full

  • chris

    grab an esata enclosure for 2 drives, then grab a couple of the 750’s off zipzoomfly (search for: HD753LJ) … pretty nice really as a setup. Provided you can stick a sata card into your home machine… or pull a cable out for esata. Sample enclosure:
    NST-D100SU search on zipzoomfly

    Good luck! maybe move some of that email archive to a permanent offline storage? :) (burn to dvd)

  • ivanbou

    you could build your own notebook computer too!!! I saw a nice old Zenith catalog!!!! You have been working at that new employer of yours too long!

  • chris

    Which employer sams or mine? he needs more space to back things up… why is not more drives in a sensible enclosure workable? :)

    He could get firewire-800 instead of esata I suppose.

  • ivanbou

    yours, I heard they build their own servers too… why buy off the rack when you can build!

  • chris

    i don’t know anything about server buildings… but if someone makes crappy servers and charges lots of money maybe switching vendors is in order?

    also, i was referencing disk storage not servers… dork.

  • ivanbou

    server, storage, whatever it’s all the same to me, at least that’s what I tell the customers… it’s just you are mixing Sam Minter and tools, those should never go together. He’ll probably try to microwave the drives first or something. Better to give him a fully integrated box with no such fiddling to be done.

  • chris

    haha, typical sales!

    yes, sam please don’t microwave anything… just go buy a big networked san thingy like:


    comes in pretty mac-looking-white too!

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