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DVD: Enemy of the State

Last weekend we finally watched another DVD. And for the first time in a long time… it actually was all three of us watching together. Anyway, this time it was my turn, and next on my Netflix list was Enemy of the State. Although I am sure I had never actually seen this whole movie, as I watched it, I was sure I had definitely seen various parts of it before. And on the part where they run away from an exploding building, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a “making of” thingy too. All about how they only had one shot since they were BLOWING UP A BUILDING while simultaneously driving a train past it and driving a car away from it, and it all had to come together just right, but if they screwed it up they wouldn’t be able to blow the building up again or anything.

In any case, this was your typical action/thriller type of thing. It was fun enough, but I can’t say I was really ever much in suspense and it didn’t have my heart racing during the action sequences or anything. It was fairly straightforward. No really unexpected twists or anything.

I guess it was perfectly OK. Not a bad way to spend two hours. Just nothing special.

Although, for once, it was a movie that all three of us could watch without complaining. And there was popcorn and stuff. So all was good.

We don’t watch enough movies. I’m pushing for Saturday DVD night for the summer, but we’ll see how that goes. It often seems to get derailed because one or more of us have other things to do, or not enough of us actually want to see the movie that is next in line, etc.

But it would still be fun. At least I think so.

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  • gregh

    It drags a lot, and it’s all pretty rote. However, what struck me about it in viewings in the last year-plus is its prescience about and relevance to the politics surrounding government surveillance today.

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